Monthly Report Aug 2017

Teacher training: – Long awaited Teacher training was conducted with the coordination of Punjab Education Foundation. This teacher training was 2 weeks long and teachers completed Level 1 and Level 2 capacity building trainings successfully, Teachers from other schools joined this stimulating training as well bringing total number of participates to 20.

Summer Vacations: – Right after the Teacher’s training, the School is back into action. School was opened on August 10th.

Independence Day Celebration: – Pakistan Independence Day was celebrated on Aug 14th. The students dressed up for this day in green and white. Young students delivered patriotic speeches with some great ideas on how would they contribute to the country when they grow up.

Intel matching Grant: – Intel Annual Matching grant was released in the month of August, The grant has been a huge support for our cause to sustain and grow. APS receives Intel matching grant, since last number of years this grant has contributed our cause to grow immensely. APS received $3750 this year which were equalized to around PKR 380,000 when deposited in to Pakistan Bank.


This brings total Funds raised in Year 2017 to $8560.


Thank you

Amir Davis (Chair APS)



Monthly Report July 2017

Summer Vacations are still on and there is low activity in School operations.

In the meanwhile, we are trying to organize Teacher’s training courses for the teachers by the end of summer vacation.

Teacher’s training course is being planned by the start of August. This will be a 2 weeks long Level 1 and Level 2 Training course.


Thank you

Chair APS – Amir Davis



Monthly Report May 2017

Awareness session on APS in Intel Corporation:-

On May 24th, we presented Amir Public School Pakistan in Intel USA (Asia Week). We raised the awareness on APS and the type work we do. The session was organized with the support of Intel Pakistan network and Intel Arizona communication group.

A large audience attended the session and some delicious food was served. We are thrilled to see the pledges coming from the audience such as … 3 brand new Tablets for the School.

APS coordinator visit before summer vacation:-

Our volunteer educationist Mrs Nabeela Sandhu regularly visits the school, Mr Sandhu arrived to the school before summer vacation to work with teachers on summer vacation home work Projects and post vacation plans. She also worked along with school students.


We raised 1310 USD during the month of May. Following is the breakdown of the funds generated.

Donners Funds in USD
Hanny Janjua 200
Punjab Education Foundation 250
Rizwan Butt 600
Sania Ch 260
Total 1310


With this amount addition, we have raised 4810$ during year 2017.

Summer Vacation:-

The school summer vacation starts from June 1st and we will be back running the school in Mid- August. Teacher training will be carried out during the summer vacation.

Stay tune for other updates.


Thank you

Amir Davis

Chair APS


Monthly Report Apr 2017

Sponsorship secured for new graduates:-

Thanks to our donors who responded to our appeal for new graduate students sponsorships of year 2017. APS friends Haroon Mirza and Shahid Bashir chipped in their support for the students who are going for high schooling in another Private school. Their Full year fees is already paid with a promising on-going support for their higher studies.

APS in Local Media:-

APS Priniciple Maqsood Riaz was interviewed by local newspaper on the role APS is playing to focus not only to educate but also on character building of the students with limited resources school has.

The lack of facilities is a huddle where government should play their vital role to ensure equal opportunities for underprivileged children across the country.

Here is the news Article


We have raised 3500 USD this year, where the PEF (Punjab Education Foundation) funds were major contribution.


Stay tune for our very exciting May’s Updates.


Thank you

Amir Davis

Chair APS


Monthly Report Mar 2017

Annual Results:- The school annual Results were announced on 31st March. We are thrilled to announce that APS consecutively scored 100% passing rate for Class 5 and class 8 board exams.38 students in total appeared in board exams. School internal results also stayed above 98%.

Following are some pictures from the result day.


Sponsorship Help needed:- We will keep sponsoring our top Class 8 graduates to the high school. This year 2 students were selected who scored 80% and above marks.

We are looking for the donors who can sponsor one or both Class 8 Pass outs from Year 2017. Annual estimate for the education cost is around 150$ per student. Students details will be sent to the donners and their progress reports will be shared too.

Here is the story of one of our previously sponsored student

For sponsorship inquiries, please send an email to

Girl’s story: – March 3rd was an international day for Girls. We are proud to be part of the initiative. We are sharing the story of our courageous student who went through some dramatic changes in her life but fought back and grew stronger. We are so proud of you Iram.


Thank you

Amir Davis

Chair APS


Monthly Report Feb 2017

Annual Exams: – The school annual exams started in February. Class 5 and class 8 are appearing in the Board Exams. Rest of the class exams are being taken internally but question papers were prepared by external educationist and answer sheets will be checked by them too. This way we will know how the school is performing as compare to other educational institutes.

PEF Funding release:- Punjab Education Foundation Funding for 10 months is released. The payment was stuck for some technical issue related to data loading to PEF information system. The amount of 270,000 PKR were released which will be great help to deal with upcoming expenditure in Year 2017.

Admission open:- The school admissions for Year 2017 enrollment has been started. Some Banners were placed for admission applications.


Thank you

Amir Chair APS

Monthly Report Jan 2017

There was a lot APS accomplished during year 2016. Let’s take a moment for the quick recap on the year 2016.

A year in Review:-

Addition of 4 classrooms Block: – This block was sponsored by APS friend “Rizwan Butt” by demolishing 2 old class rooms. This brings total number of 11 rooms in the school. The block was named after Rizwan’s late father “Mahmood Hassan Block”. Rizwan also sponsored 3 mid school graduate girls for their high schooling. Here are recent pictures of the block.

Bathrooms addition:- 2 old bathrooms were replaced with 4 new bathrooms.

School annual program:- Like every year APS students came up with some ideas on performances which were entertaining and creative too.

Annual Parents meeting: – The annual parents meeting and 1:1 were held during APS chair visit. The regular parents/staff meeting happen on weekly and monthly basis but This is annual meeting where suggestions and feedback are given to Chairman APS by the parents.

Patricia Women Marathon run: – Patricia runs in mini marathon every year in the aid of the school and raises the valuable funds each year. Patricia raised 1605 Euros in year 2016.

Sasi and school results:- Sasi (School assessment for School improvement) is an institute which conducted 2nd survey in the school this year in September. School results were upright and there was huge improvement seen particularly in Science, Math and Urdu subjects. School also produced 70% average score for Mid-term exams in year 2016.

Funds:- Thanks to our sponsors and donners who helped us to raise 10,177 euros during Year 2016.

We are looking forward to another exciting year in 2017.

Thank you- Amir (Chair APS)





Monthly Report Dec 2016

SASI Results: – Sasi (School assessment for School improvement) is an institute which conducted 2nd survey in the school this year in September. Sasi has published their report and we are delighted to announce that school results were upright and there was huge improvement seen particularly in Science, Math and Urdu subjects.

All the suggestions for further improvements were sent to the School which are being considered by management to tackle remaining gaps in year 2017.

Our Proud sponsor “Association for the Development Pakistan” coordinated with SASI team to visit APS in Mid-September. Sasi Team met parents, students/school staff and some tests were conducted. Here are couple of pics of Sasi team visit in the school.

Mid-term Exams: – School Mid-term exams were conducted in Dec and overall marks ratio produced is above 70%.

School Lawn: – The school lawn looks lush green and new plants looking in great shape. 🙂

Funds:- We are closing this year with the total amount raised through donation as 10,177 Euros in Year 2016.

Thank you

Amir Davis (Chair APS)

Monthly Report Nov 2016

Bathroom Construction: – 4 bathrooms construction was completed in the month of Nov, Construction was started in October by demolishing 2 old bathrooms . This brings the total number of bathrooms to 5.

Paint Work: – Our sponsored Block Memhood Hassan Block was completed earlier this year and paint work completed by Nov for this newly built block which comprises of 4 class rooms.

Mehmood Hassan Block is sponsored by Rizwan Butt and family in the memory of their Loving father who himself studied in the light of street lamps. Rizwan came himself from UK for the block opening ceremony.

Middle Section Roof Repair: – Some Waterlogging was observed during rains on top of the middle section. Some slopes were built along with drainage system for the roof top which will help the situation now.


Thank you

Amir Davis (Chair APS)