Monthly Report Dec 2022

2022 Developments Summary

1-     High school extension: – The school is extended to high school now, We were up to middle section earlier. With this extension we will retain students after middle schooling.


2-     The Hallways construction: – This 3800 square feet extension is completed by the end of Year 2022. 3 rooms and a hall was constructed in the basement. Major portion of the funding was contributed by Naya Ujalla Director and long term donor  “Hannya Janjua”.  This block is being named after her “Hannya Block”
3-     MOU Sign-up: – Muslim Americans for Compassion “MAC” and Naya Ujalla signed MOU where MAC would be supporting different initiatives of Naya Ujalla. MAC also funded the build up of Hallway.


4-     School Canteen and Visiting Room setup: – A proper school canteen and Parents visit area was setup by demolishing oldest part of the school and establishing these facilities there.


5-     Playing area Setup: – On the roof of the basement, an artificial turf was installed with some playing area for the kids.


6-     Free Books and higher studies sponsorship continuity: – We managed to deliver free books again this year along with Higher studies scholarships to our passed-out students in different institutions (Huge thanks to our individual Sponsors), We took 6 more students on board this year.  

December Tests: – December school tests were conducted during December, after this student will be appearing in Final and 3rd term exams.


School Admissions and Advertisement: – Since we have capacity to accommodate more students in the school, we have advertising boards up in the area.

Please stay tune for 2023 goals in January newsletter.

Thank you

Amir (Chair APS)

Monthly Report Nov 2022

Play Area Setup: – The school Play area has been setup on top of the new basement, Artificial grass was used on the ground to ensure the playtime safety of the students. Children are loving these new rides. Here are some pictures of very happy students.

Magic comes to school: – The magic & amusement comes together in very entertaining tricks of the magician who came all the way to the school. It wasn’t only the students who loved this, but teachers greatly enjoyed the magic show as well.

Health Mom – Healthy Family: – APS Management organized a free medical camp in the school for village women. This was greatly appreciated by the local community and raised some good awareness on health of the women and families.

Students sponsorships: – We are very thankful to our generous sponsors who helped us to secure scholarships for 6 more students who are perusing higher studies in other institutes. This closes all scholarships request 100%.


Thank you


Chair APS

Monthly Report Oct 2022

Rishna completes the Degree: – We proudly congratulate One of our sponsored student “Rishna Nasir” for completing her 4 years degree Program in Bachelor Computer Science from Gift University Gujranwala. Her education was 100% sponsored. She is with the school since Play group.

Rishna also secured an internship role in one of the Software House locally in Gujranwala. We wish her all the best in future.

Here is one of her last picture from Gift University.


High School Graduations: – We would also like to congratulate to our all students who appeared and passed high school exams. These students were studying in another private institute and they secured the  sponsorships from our generous induvial sponsors who are willing to sponsor them for their higher studies to in the collage.


Construction Update: – The Basement “Hannya Block” finishing job is still in progress. The major portion of the construction is completed. Roof top tiles done while Flooring, Lighting, Celling and Paint job are almost completed.


Thank you


Chair APS

Monthly Report August 2022

Pakistan Independence Day: – The school students had high spirits with Pakistan Flag on August 14th to celebrate the Independence Day of Pakistan. The students also prepared speeches focusing on “freedom comes with responsibility”. All classes participated in the event. Here are some pictures from the day.

Infrastructure Buildup: – The oldest room in the school goes down after 40 years standing tall. We have demolished the oldest room of the school, it’s roof was worn-out by now and the “L” Shape of the room was not getting along with the extended part. This Classroom is being converted to the school Canteen.

The 2nd adjoining room is being converted to the waiting room for the parents and visitors.


Before and After View

School Hall: – The construction for the school Basement Hall is completed by now, however the finishing work is still in progress. This new 3800 Sq feet block consists of 3 classrooms and a multipurpose HALL. which will be used for computer LAB + Library + multimedia room.

False ceiling

Roof Tiles installation.


Stay tune for upcoming developments and updates. Thank you.

Chair APS






Monthly Report July 2022

MAC Signs MOU With Naya Ujalla: – American based organization “Muslim Americans for Compassion (MAC)” signed MOU with the school in July. This will be a major milestone in the school’s growth. MAC also donated a cheque of $2000 to the school. Both organization’s heads met and agreed on collaboration and idea sharing to increase the positive impact on local community lives.


MAC Representative Visits the School: – Mr. Naeem Raza who was on a trip to Pakistan from the USA took the time to visit the school. Mr. Raza also had a brief meeting with school’s principle and took a few pictures of the school and its surroundings.


Play Area Rides: – The rides are being repaired and painted. These will be back before school starts after summer vacation. This play area is being added on the roof of the basement where we would be dedicating a specific area with artificial grass on it.


School Construction: – The school construction of the new extension is still on-going, and we are on-track to complete the whole construction by mid-September. Currently False ceiling and electrical work installation is in progress. The next step will be tilling on roof top of the basement with some artificial grass.

One of the Room’s ceiling.

Stay tuned

Thank you,

Amir (Chair APS)

Monthly Report June 2022

Construction of School extension:- Huge thanks to APS director and sponsor Hannya Janjua, who personally donated 12000$ which helped us to start the the construction on 3800 Sq feet piece of land which is further extension to the school. This huge basement consists of 3 classrooms and 1 big hall which will serve as multimedia library.

We are expecting to complete all construction and furnishing work by mid of September.

Here are some pictures of newly built facility.


Red lining showing the new basement area.


Inner view


Stair steps linking new basement with school ground.



Summer Vacation: – School is closed for students due to Summer vacation in Pakistan. It will be back on in August.

Thank you

Amir (Chair APS)

Monthly Report May 2022

High School extension: – We are happy to announce a long-awaited milestone in the school this year. Yes… We have extended the school to the high School by now. The school was serving as middle school till now.

Class 9th enrollment started while the science lab construction is in progress, New Science teacher hiring process is completed as well. The new signboard for high school is up there too.

School Library: – Along with High school extension, we had been working to secure funds for infrastructure build up for School Library too.

The need of Library is crucial to create the essential habit of reading in the students.

The major portion of funding came from our long term supporter Hannya Janjua. Who donated 12K USD for the project which turned this dream to reality. We are almost completed with structural construction while the concluding stage of the construction to be kicked off soon, where wall plastering/flooring/doors/windows and electrical work installation will be completed. This facility will serve as Library and the multimedia LAB.

This is how our more than 3500 Sq Feet Basement facility looks like (Work in progress).

This is outside view of the basement on the far side of the school.

School Summer Vacation: – School goes off for summer vacation while construction work will keep going during the holidays.  School will be back on in mid-august.


Stay tune for more updates.

Thank you

Amir (Chair APS)


Monthly Report Mar 2022

APS Results announced: – APS Annual school results announced on Mar 31st. New admissions are opened in the school too. Congratulations to all students & students for producing another round of great results.

Free Books distribution: – The school has annual activity of free uniforms provision to all the students. We are happy to announce that this deliverable was successfully achieved this year too.

Please see below delighted kids with their new syllabus.

High school extension: – A major milestone in the school is high school extension. We are building a big new hall with 3 rooms in the basement. This section will accommodate Science/computer Lab and Library with high school classes. This high school extension is for girls only for now.

Sponsor a child: – To help our boys students to carry on with high schooling, We have an opportunity to sponsor 3 of the male students in another high school. Please let us know if you are interested to support one.


Thank you


Monthly Report Feb 2022

APS Founder passed away:- It is with great sadness that we announce the death of APS Founder Miss Laviza k lal. Who passed away at the age of 80 on February 10th. This strong woman who planted the seed of APS 40 years back have provided education to thousands of children of surroundings.

Miss laviza has been a great role model and inspiration for the women around in this rural area. She is gone but will always live in our hearts and through the established institute in the form of APS. Her selfless contribution to the community will live forever.

Miss Laviza distributing Prizes to position holders on APS result day in 2016.

Chairman APS meets the parents: – Chairman Amir visited Pakistan to pay tribute to the founder, a teacher and a mother (Miss laviza K-Lal). During the visit, Amir met various parents groups to share the future plans of the institute. Amir also worked on mentorship of the students who have been graduated from the school and being sponsored by the institute for higher studies.


Final exams:- School final exams started by the end of February. Students will be promoted to the next grade In March and new admissions will be opened then.




Thank you


Chair APS

Monthly Report Nov 2021

APS Fundraiser: – Currently school offers scholarships to the limited students for high school and post high school studies.

Now, we want to establish the High school so We can give opportunity to our all the middle Pass students to continue their higher studies in house high school.

For this We require 2 more Classrooms to accommodate class 9 and class 10th, Science LAB and Multimedia Library.

These rooms will be built in our newly purchased land which is linked with the school. Please show the support by donating on this Go FUND ME page here.

School Office renovation: – Renovation of the school office was long overdue. We have bought new furniture for the school by now which comprises of 6 single seat sofas, 2 chairs, 1 office chair along with Table and a cupboard.


School furniture: – The overall repair work for the school furniture is on way. The school desks need to be repaired and repainted. Here is before and after pictures for some of these where work has been completed.

School visits: – Thanks to our visitors from UK for spending some time with school staff and school children. Naila Joseph, Naeem Malik and Davis William can be seen here having some conversation with the students and treating them with yummy chocolates and candies.


Children Immunization shots: – Children of the school and surrounding locality received the Vaccination shots for Measles and Rubella in November. APS coordinated this while working with local Health authorities.

Thank you.

Chair APS