Monthly Report Dec 2019

A year in review:-

Lets take a moment to celebrate the achievements we had throughout the year in 2019. Following are some major wins.

Securing Sponsorship for 2019:-

We secured the scholarships for the following students who are going to various private institutes this year.

  • Ali Abbas Pre-Medical FSC in Aspire Collage (PVT) Gujranwala. Ali wants to be a doctor
  • Aman Aslam: – Hijab Collage Pvt in Grade 10. Aman wants to be an Engineer
  • Ayasha Abid: – 1st year FSC Pre-Medical Hijab Collage Pvt, Ayasha wants to be Doctor in future.
  • Komal Abid: – Grade 10 Hijab Collage Pvt, Komal who is sister of Aisha also wants to pursue medical field in future.
  • Rishna Nasir: – Rishna is in 3rd semester of Software Engineering in Gift Unv (PVT). She wants to be a software Engineer.

Two more 8th graders secured the governmental scholarships later this year.

By the end of the year, We have 345 enrolled students within the school.

Board results and School Results: – APS held the record of 100% passing rate for class 5 and class 8th Board exams in year 2019 as well. This is 7th consecutive year producing 100% results. Thanks to our hardworking staff and students, Class 8 was graduated from the school with 73% average marks ratio this year. There are some pictures of Prize distribution ceremony below.

School Repairs and paint job:-

The walls were badly rusted as it has been good few years since the whole school was painted. Whole school was re-painted. Some repairs were carried out to fix the damage done to the roof tops of a class rooms due to the rain’s Water lodge.

School Annual Program: –

Chair APS visited the school in November and School Annual program was held on November 16th, there were different performances prepared by the school students like tablos, speeches, Stay Plays and singing. The audience and participants loved the whole pregame and enjoyed to the fullest.

Here are some pictures from the event.


November 18th. Meeting held with parents of the school children in Amir Public School. Feedback, the challenges, future plans and solutions were discussed. This interactive meeting would help us to align the priorities for Year 2020. Few Pictures Taken from the meeting below.

Funds: – Thanks to our sponsors, we raised 13032$ in Year 2019.

Our Sponsors: – No matter how small or big, This all became possible due to the contributions of following donners. This was because of them that we have been progressing and growing. I would like to acknowledge these supporters with huge thanks.

Adnan Naseer
Ahsan Zaidi
Asad Meer
Doc Nazia
Hannya Janjua
Intel Corp
Jamal Khan
Knaqi SHah
Naila Joseph
Rizwan Butt
Sal Yousaf
Sania Choudary
Shahan Qaiser
Shahid Bashir
Shakil Ahmed
William Bar

Thank you.

Have a blessed new Year.

Amir(Chair APS)






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