Iram’s Story

Couple of years back, when I met Iram,. I could see an element of sorrow and dejection in her eyes. She was unhappy but hopeful!

Iram’s tragic story starts few years back when her drug addict father strikes the family with an AXE killing her sister and brutally injuring her. She was gone into comma.

It took years for her to recover and eventually she was able to stand back on her feet.

She along with her mother settled down in our village after this terrible incident and now Iram wanted to go back to the studies.

Iram was in class 3 since she was cut off from her education. Now she was over grown for class 4 standards. This was a challenging task for the school management and staff.

School Staff was determined to help her out by giving special extra classes to this keen girl, to help her to catch up with her studies.

Now, after couple of years, when I met her again. It was an absolute pleasure to announce that Iram got 1st position in Grade 6, she got a standing ovation on results day. All the students, staff and parents were delighted to see a smiling face of a young determined girl along with her proud mother.


Hats off to the resilience of both mother and daughter as I saw stronger and transformed women this time around.

There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, sometimes you just need little help.