Empowering Girls

Couple of years back, when I met Iram,. I could see an element of sorrow and dejection in her eyes. She was unhappy but hopeful!

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Higher Studies Scholarships

Rishna started with APS as a playgroup toddler student. She has been proving herself as an extra-ordinary kid when it not only comes to the studies but also extra-circular activities.

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Grow with us

Muzamal Maqsood started her career as a teacher for the primary section few years, She completed her FA(Fundamental Arts) i.e 2 years collage after high schooling.

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Executive committee APS Message:

It is heartening to see the phenomenal growth APS has seen and this growth would
not have been possible without the support of many of you.
Many lives have been touched and impacted by now and plenty will be touched in future. We are
rapidly widening ourselves to increase the scale of impact. Number of students/teachers and
enhancements constantly growing and there is a huge potential for immense growth in future.
The quality of education that is provided to the young kids otherwise deprived of some of the
basic human needs is amazing. Most of these would have never been into the school if APS was
not there.
We look forward to keep working in developing this institute further in order to make a much
stronger impact on the lives of these little angels.
We also keep looking forward to the feedback of our APS friends.
Thank you
Executive committee APS