Muzamal’s Story

Muzamal's Story

Muzamal Maqsood started her career as a teacher for the primary section few years, She completed her FA(Fundamental Arts) i.e 2 years collage after high schooling. Muzamal proved to be an extra ordinary teacher and a great contributor to the school’s cause by presenting “out of the box” ideas to promote the education in this locality. She herself wanted to grow in her education along with helping students and supporting financial needs of the family.

APS Management encouraged and supported Muzamal to carry on with her studies as a part time student. She completed her Graduation and then perused her masters in English literature.

Muzamal completed her Masters in English Literature in 2015 and currently working as a senior staff member within the school. She is English teacher for the Middle section.

Muzmal is the 1st individual with a master degree in her locality and we are sure, there will be many to follow her foot steps.

She has proved herself as an inspiration and role model for other teachers in the school. APS has been supportive to all school staff for their career growth and development. Since last few years, three more teachers have completed their graduations, 2 teachers perusing the graduation and 1 teacher perusing the Master’s Degree.