Rishna’s Story

Rishna started with APS as a playgroup toddler student. She has been proving herself as an extra-ordinary kid when it not only comes to the studies but also extra-circular activities. She sings well, she is a very good debater with huge interest in Science.

Rishna’s father is a tailor and works from home. Her mother is a working woman too in the field of bridal makeups.

Since School is only up-to middle section, The School didn’t want her to discontinue her studies after that, So an initiative was taken by school management to start sponsoring the students like Rishna for the higher schooling and then up-to collage/university level.

Rishna’s 2 years high schooling along with her other badge mates was sponsored by our donors in another Private school.

At start of the Year 2016, Rishna scored 74% in Matriculation and now in Year 2018 she completed FSC Pre-Engineering in another institute with full sponsorship from APS. Rishna has scored 71% Marks in FSC.  She wants to become a Software Engineer and have a passion to be an inventor.

At home, Rishna lives with her parents, a younger brother (who is also APS student) and her Pets (Chickens).

Here are some pictures of this very happy and ambitious family.