Monthly Report May 2024

Adnan’s Visit to APS

Our school was honored by a visit from a remarkably generous donor whose contributions have had a profound impact on our community. The atmosphere buzzed with excitement as students and staff gathered to welcome Adnan Naseer who has shown unwavering support for our educational initiatives.

During the visit, the Adnan toured the classrooms, engaging with students and teachers, and witnessed firsthand the positive changes his generosity has brought about. From the new science lab equipped with state-of-the-art technology to the vibrant library filled with an array of books, each corner of our school stands as a testament to their commitment to education.

Adnan also handed over the laptops to our sponsored students. Here are some clicks from the school along with short video.

More Books in Library

Expanding a library’s collection is an ongoing process that requires dedication and an understanding of the community’s evolving needs and interests. Thanks to Alif Laila for donating another set of 400 books.

Sports Gala

The annual School Sports Gala was a day filled with excitement, camaraderie, and fierce competition. From the moment the opening ceremony began, the entire school community came together to celebrate athleticism and school spirit.

The School Sports Gala was a resounding success, leaving everyone eagerly anticipating next year’s event. It was a day that highlighted the importance of physical activity, community, and the joy of friendly competition. Here is a short clip from the day.

New furniture/painted.

The classrooms of our school have been transformed with the arrival of newly refurbished furniture, giving the entire campus a fresh and modern look. The once worn-out desks and chairs have been replaced with sleek, sturdy, and stylish pieces that not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also significantly improve the learning environment for students and teachers alike.

Here are some pictures of our newly painted furniture of classes from Play group and Nursery.

Thank you

Amir (Chair APS)