Monthly Report Dec 2016

SASI Results: – Sasi (School assessment for School improvement) is an institute which conducted 2nd survey in the school this year in September. Sasi has published their report and we are delighted to announce that school results were upright and there was huge improvement seen particularly in Science, Math and Urdu subjects.

All the suggestions for further improvements were sent to the School which are being considered by management to tackle remaining gaps in year 2017.

Our Proud sponsor “Association for the Development Pakistan” coordinated with SASI team to visit APS in Mid-September. Sasi Team met parents, students/school staff and some tests were conducted. Here are couple of pics of Sasi team visit in the school.

Mid-term Exams: – School Mid-term exams were conducted in Dec and overall marks ratio produced is above 70%.

School Lawn: – The school lawn looks lush green and new plants looking in great shape. 🙂

Funds:- We are closing this year with the total amount raised through donation as 10,177 Euros in Year 2016.

Thank you

Amir Davis (Chair APS)

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