Monthly Report Nov 2016

Bathroom Construction: – 4 bathrooms construction was completed in the month of Nov, Construction was started in October by demolishing 2 old bathrooms . This brings the total number of bathrooms to 5.

Paint Work: – Our sponsored Block Memhood Hassan Block was completed earlier this year and paint work completed by Nov for this newly built block which comprises of 4 class rooms.

Mehmood Hassan Block is sponsored by Rizwan Butt and family in the memory of their Loving father who himself studied in the light of street lamps. Rizwan came himself from UK for the block opening ceremony.

Middle Section Roof Repair: – Some Waterlogging was observed during rains on top of the middle section. Some slopes were built along with drainage system for the roof top which will help the situation now.


Thank you

Amir Davis (Chair APS)

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