Monthly Report Dec 2022

2022 Developments Summary

1-     High school extension: – The school is extended to high school now, We were up to middle section earlier. With this extension we will retain students after middle schooling.


2-     The Hallways construction: – This 3800 square feet extension is completed by the end of Year 2022. 3 rooms and a hall was constructed in the basement. Major portion of the funding was contributed by Naya Ujalla Director and long term donor  “Hannya Janjua”.  This block is being named after her “Hannya Block”
3-     MOU Sign-up: – Muslim Americans for Compassion “MAC” and Naya Ujalla signed MOU where MAC would be supporting different initiatives of Naya Ujalla. MAC also funded the build up of Hallway.


4-     School Canteen and Visiting Room setup: – A proper school canteen and Parents visit area was setup by demolishing oldest part of the school and establishing these facilities there.


5-     Playing area Setup: – On the roof of the basement, an artificial turf was installed with some playing area for the kids.


6-     Free Books and higher studies sponsorship continuity: – We managed to deliver free books again this year along with Higher studies scholarships to our passed-out students in different institutions (Huge thanks to our individual Sponsors), We took 6 more students on board this year.  

December Tests: – December school tests were conducted during December, after this student will be appearing in Final and 3rd term exams.


School Admissions and Advertisement: – Since we have capacity to accommodate more students in the school, we have advertising boards up in the area.

Please stay tune for 2023 goals in January newsletter.

Thank you

Amir (Chair APS)

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