Monthly Report Dec 2023

As we turn the page to a new chapter in our Amir Public School, it is with great excitement and a deep sense of gratitude that I present to you our last newsletter for 2023. Reflecting on the past twelve months, we have journeyed through a tapestry of challenges, achievements, and transformative growth. This newsletter is not just a compilation of events and milestones; it’s a celebration of our collective resilience, innovation, and unwavering commitment to our goals and each other. Please read through the memorable moments of Year 2023.

Construction & Developments

To Build more capacity, There was lot of construction done in year 2023 since School strength reached more than 400 students this year. Here is quick summary.

  • Construction was completed for Hannya Block in the school which comprises of big hall along with 3 Classrooms.
  • We also built 2 more new classrooms and 4 bathrooms for growing number of students.. 
  • A Science Lab built along with furniture upgrades. Here are some Pics.

2023. A Year of Fun Unfolded: –

Students had an amazing year full of fun activities and stories to share.

  • A School Trip to Islamabad
  • Sport Day Gala
  • Students performances on Annual Program
  • Summer School Projects
  • Meeting Motorway Police representatives
  • Amir’s Visit to the school.

2023 Deliverables: –

Here are some deliverables we committed at the start of the Year and got these done!

  • School registration completed.
  • Students were provided new uniforms/schoolbooks and water bottles.
  • Annual results were marvelous and top performers were awarded with shields/trophies.
  • Super Hero costumes delivery to more than hundred young students of Play group till grade 2.

Scholarships: –

Thanks to our individual sponsors for supporting the transformative journey – a journey of empowering underprivileged children through education. Here are some photos of sponsored students.

  • 18 Students who were provided scholarship previously for higher studies have started their professional careers.
  • 25 students are currently enrolled in higher study program.

Funds: – Thanks to the organizations and donors, who helped us to achieve all these milestones. We managed to raise $31840 in Year 2023.

Thank you

Amir ( Chair APS)

Monthly Report Nov 2023

New Uniforms: – Free uniforms distribution is our one of annual deliverable in the school. These uniforms were distributed in the month of October. Here are some pictures of the students posing with their new uniforms on.

School Trip: – School field trips are valuable and important for several reasons, as they offer unique educational experiences that go beyond the traditional classroom setting. This School trip was planned since a long while, which finally happened in November. The destination was carefully chosen to complement our ongoing curriculum, offering a practical application of the theories and concepts students had been studying in class. Kids loved the beautiful city of Islamabad, where they visited Heritage Museum also known as Lok Virsa, Faisal Mosque and beautiful mountains hiking tracks. The kids were provided delicious food by school management too. Here are some highlights from their Journey Beyond the Classroom.

Empowering Futures: – Education is a transformative force that has the power to reshape lives and open doors to countless opportunities. One poignant example of this transformation lies in the journey of a sponsored student who, with the support of dedicated sponsors, not only completed their education but also secured a fulfilling and successful career. Rishna Nasir is one of our sponsored student who has been supported by APS since she was in Play Group. Her Higher studies and BCS was 100% sponsored too. She has recently secured a job in a multinational firm in IT and works from home. She was excited to share the pictures of her home office, new house, new furniture and new laptop. If you want to see her older story… Here it is.

Scholarship needs: – We have 18 such former students like Rishna who were sponsored by APS and have secured jobs by now and working in different fields of lives. 25 students are enrolled in current scholarship program and there is always need for sponsors so we can widen the scope to more students. To sponsor a specific student, Please send us a note at or you can simply sponsor high school students by clicking on Donate , Only $20 a month will sponsor 4 children within school.

Thank you

Amir (Chair APS)

Monthly Report Oct 2023

Uniforms distribution: – We believe that access to proper school uniforms is a fundamental right and an essential factor in creating a conducive learning environment. APS delivers Books and uniforms to all students annually. This Year Milestone of free uniforms distribution was met in September. School sourced total 500 Uniforms. See some excited students here.

Projector Usage: – The newly sourced School projector has enabled our educators to present interactive and multimedia content, making lessons more engaging and facilitating better understanding among students. This is a great support collaborative learning by allowing students to give presentations, share projects, and participate in group activities that involve multimedia elements. The projector is also being utilized for teacher training sessions, workshops, and other professional development activities, fostering continuous improvement among our educators.

Classroom Decorations: – Classroom decorations plays a crucial role in creating a conducive learning environment and has various important aspects. Decorative elements in the classroom, such as colorful displays, educational posters, and thematic decorations, can capture students’ attention and spark their interest in the learning process. School staff(Class in-charges) put a great effort to prepare the classroom posters and the students were delighted to see their colorful classrooms, These Creative and aesthetically pleasing decorations can inspire creativity and imagination among our students.

Stay Tuned.

Thank you

Amir (Chair APS)

Monthly Report Sep 2023

New Construction update: – As the student population grows, schools is investing in expanding and improving the physical infrastructure. This will lead to better classrooms and technology resources for all students to benefit from. The growing school strength is fostering stronger ties between the school and the surrounding community. School current number stands at 415 students and off course greater community engagement. We are delighted to inform you that we have completed the construction of 2 new class rooms along with 4 additional toilets. We will be working on sourcing funds for overall paint of the premises in near future. Here are some pictures from construction.

Teacher capacity building: – The teacher’s training sessions would be carried out regularly in the school. This is 1st one after School summer vacation. The teacher’s training sessions are crucial aspect of education, ensuring that educators are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed to provide quality learning experiences for students. This training session aims to empower teachers by enhancing their professional development and fostering a collaborative learning environment.

Pakistan Defense Day Celebration: – The 6th of September is celebrated every year as the Defense Day by every Pakistani. The beautiful patriotic musical composition is sung by APS friend Farrukh and his daughters.

1st term exams: – We want to ensure that the quality of the education is not compromised with growing strength of students as it forms the bedrock upon which individuals can build successful lives. First-term exams are key assessment which hold several vital roles in the educational process, both for students and educators alike. These exams also help us to ensure that the curriculum is aligned with educational standards and objectives. They help identify whether the content taught aligns with what students are expected to learn. Exams started in 2nd week of September.

Student Sponsorship program:- We have a strong focus on higher studies scholarships of the students, We take a pride that 25 such students who’s education was sponsored by generous donors have been working in various fields. Currently we have 20 students enrolled in the program. We have an opportunity for 3 more students who want to pursue the higher studies. Details can be shared with any new donor who would like to get in touch to assist them with their educational plans. Please send us a note/email/call/text if you want to be the one. Here is the picture of our one of the recent sponsored student pursing FSC in Punjab collage Gujranwala.

Pink Eye infection: – Currently We are seeing Eye Virus Outbreak in Pakistan, which affected the number of students in the school too. It’s highly contagious and can spread easily through direct contact with an infected person or contaminated surfaces. proactive measure are being taken to give maximum protection to the students against the infection by providing eye protection glasses and emphasizing the students personal hygiene.

Stay Tuned for upcoming dates from the School

Thank you

Amir (Chair APS)

Monthly Report Aug 2023

Back to school: – As the summer sun fades and the days grow shorter, it’s that time of the year again when students return to school after a well-deserved break. It brings with it a host of opportunities and excitement among the students. The Summer vacations are over but heat is not! , We are sourcing more Fans in bigger classrooms. An example of the newly sourced small Fans is below.

Empowering Future Heroes: Thanks to our Partners “taryaq welfare organization” for donating hundreds of superhero pants & shirts sets, these were distributed by school Management to the young students on school return. We plant the seeds of heroism in the hearts of young children. These children, who have been empowered and inspired, may go on to make a positive impact on their communities and the world.  The joy on the children’s face when they received a superhero cloths was priceless. These simple acts of generosity have the power to spread happiness not only to the children but also to those who contribute to the cause.

New Construction Update: – The process of construction is still on-going, and we are targeting to complete the construction of 6 new bathrooms and 2 new class rooms at start of the month in September.

Rides Repairs: –School rides are a beloved and timeless playground equipment that provide children with opportunities for physical activity, social interaction, and sheer enjoyment. However, to ensure that these rides remain a safe and enjoyable part of the schoolyard, regular maintenance is essential. The repairs, paint work is completed for these too.

Stay tune.

Amir (Chair APS)

Monthly Report June 2023

MAC grant to APS: – APS Signed MOU with MAC(Muslim Americans for Compassion) last year and Once again, MAC supported APS cause with the grant of $2000. We are immensely grateful for MAC’s commitment and generosity.

MAC is an organization built to engage the community through interfaith, environmental, and philanthropic outreach initiatives and to promote educational activities and events, whether hosted by MAC or another organization.

Motorway Police visits APS: – Road safety lectures delivered to school students that contribute to the overall well-being and safety of the students.

Since APS is based beside a very busy road, the lectures raised awareness among school students about the potential risks and dangers associated with road travel. They help students understand the importance of following traffic rules and adopting safe practices as pedestrians, cyclists, or future drivers. Students also learned about traffic signs, signals, and rules, as well as how to cross roads safely, use pedestrian crossings, and ride bicycles or other modes of transport responsibly. Here is the short video.

Summer Camp: – Summer vacations start in June, but prior to that there was a summer camp held in APS for the students to give them opportunity to explore their creativity and self-expression through arts and crafts, music, and other artistic endeavors.

Many students discovered their hidden talents, developed new passions, and gained exposure to fields they may not have previously considered. We ourselves were surprised to see such a high-quality work done by the students. Here are some short videos showing amazing work done by the students.

Traffic Signals Model:- Class 9 students came up with the idea to make a model on Traffic signals and system post Motorway presentation. The video was shared with Pakistan Motorway officials and much appreciated.

Here are some Summer Camp models prepared by students

Additional rooms construction: – Because of the growing number of students, there was an immediate need to build 2 additional spacious classrooms, The rooms construction being done on 2nd story of the existing rooms. We are targeting to get these completed before the summer vacations are over. Here is the start of the work.

Summer Vacations: – School is closed for the students for now and will be back on in August,

Stay tune for upcoming developments.

Thank you

Amir (Chair APS)

Monthly Report May 2023

Mrs Nabila Nasir joins APS:-  We are thrilled to have Mrs Nabila Nasir in our team in APS who has 30 years’ experience in the field of Education and worked in Lead roles in Government schools. Mrs Nabila Nasir holds master’s degrees in education and numerous educational related certifications. She previously worked with APS on volunteer basis.

Mrs Nabila brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of education, Her impressive track record of leadership, driving growth and innovation will greatly contribute to the growth of our School.

As a Managing Director, she will be responsible for running school operations along with School Principle, We’re excited about the contributions and fresh perspectives she is already bringing to our organization.

Official opening of Science Lab:- This exciting milestone marks a significant step forward in our commitment to fostering scientific exploration and innovation in the school Kids.

The Science Lab has been meticulously designed and equipped to provide our students with experimentation and discovery. Which will help them to gain practical knowledge of the science subjects.

Students are excited and curious to start using this new facility. We are sure this will be very busy place during summer vacation as major projects for higher classes during summer camp will be held here in June 2023.

School furniture refurbishment:- Several pieces of furniture, including desks, chairs, and tables, were in dire need of repair. Damaged or broken furniture not only affects the aesthetic appeal of the classrooms but also hampers the students’ ability to concentrate and engage in their studies effectively. It was crucial that we address this issue promptly to ensure a safe, comfortable, and conducive learning environment for our students.

I am delighted to announce that we have completed all the repairs by now and the furniture is better than new… Yes. The better quality wood/paint was used than original to refurbish the desks/chairs and we might be buying some more new furniture to accommodate growing numbers of students. Here are couple of furniture photos of before and after.

High School Registration:-  This required a lot of sweat and effort from everyone involved. Yes… We have successfully secured the school registration for high schooling. Previously we had registration for Girls and boys up to middle section. High school registration is for girls only as we are able to accommodate Girls only in higher section for now.

Water Bottles:- Instead of sharing a single glass, We are in process of providing each student with their own water bottle. This ensures that each child has a personal, hygienic container for drinking water.

Mother’s day Celebration:- School staff helped young kids to prepare the heartfelt handmade cards for the mothers as they honor and appreciate the invaluable role of their mothers. Here is the short video.

What’s next:- Our school has experienced a significant increase in students enrollment. While we are delighted to witness this growth, it has posed a new challenge: a shortage of classrooms to accommodate the growing number of students. As a result, our students are facing overcrowded classrooms, which hampers their ability to learn effectively and creates a less-than-ideal learning environment.

Expanding our classrooms is crucial to ensure that every student receives the attention and quality education they deserve. By providing adequate space, we can enhance the teaching and learning experience, foster student engagement, and improve academic outcomes. We strongly believe that investing in education is investing in the future, and with your continued support, we can make a significant difference in the lives of our students.

For now we will start construction of 2nd story on existing rooms. These 2 large class rooms and 3 new bathrooms will help us to accommodate more students within the premises. Construction to start during summer vacation

Stay Tuned.

Thank you Amir (Chair APS)

Monthly Report Apr 2023

Science Lab: – We are deeply committed to provide our students with the best possible learning environment and resources, and I believe that investing in our science labs is crucial for their academic and scientific development.

Our science laboratory is where our students will apply theoretical concepts, conduct experiments, and develop crucial laboratory skills. I am glad to report that establishment of the science lab is in progress, The tables/Cabinets and water connections are being worked on and we hope to get this completed in the month of May.

Sports Day: – Sports Gala day was celebrated in APS on April 28th,  The day was filled with remarkable performances, spirited competition, and a celebration of athletic achievements.

Sports Day also featured team sports competitions, including Tug of war , Frog Race and 3 legs race. The matches were fiercely contested, with students displaying excellent teamwork, strategic thinking, and impressive skills. The passion and dedication exhibited by the teams were truly commendable.

At the culmination of Sports Day, we recognized the outstanding performances and achievements of our students. Medals, trophies, and certificates were awarded to winners and participants in various categories. It was a joyous moment of celebration as the applause echoed throughout the grounds, honoring the hard work and dedication of our athletes.

Let’s dive in and relive the memorable moments of this grand event.

APS Fund Raiser: – As we move forward, we encourage our Supporters to remain engaged in charitable activities and initiatives. Eid Concert was held on April 30th where Pakistani Musicians Leo twins shared the stage with Vocalist Richie Robinson. 380 People joined this concert and We are delighted to announce that we got great community support from Arizona Community.

With your help, we can make a lasting difference and create a more compassionate and equitable world.

I would highly encourage our donners to chip on recurring basis. It will only cost $20 to education 4 students a month in the school.

This is where you can help:–

Your generous contribution will directly impact the lives of hundreds of children, allowing them to attend school, receive a quality education, and break the cycle of poverty. Every donation, no matter the size, will make a meaningful impact and bring us one step closer to ensuring that no child is left behind.

Stay Tune for upcoming deliverables…i.e LAB completion, Uniforms/Books provision and Mothers day celebration in APS.

Thank you

Amir Davis. Chair APS.

Monthly Report Mar 2023

Parents meeting: – This Annual meeting happened on March 9th where hundreds of parents turned up to open Forum. Chair APS “Amir” shared the future road map with the parents. There was a great dialogue on importance of education and how cruel can be a child labor in kid’s life.  Some great ideas were shared by motivated parents too. Also had separate with 1:1 with some parents to address their concerns.

Staff Meetings: – The staff has regular weekly meetings with Chairman APS remotely, however it is always worthy to meet face to face. There were good few meetings on further school improvements, Teacher’s contribution to the school and 1:1s. Here is how our typical meeting looks like.

School Annual Program: – The fun filled event was attended by hundreds of parents and families to see their children performing on the stage. School staff, Management and out talented students put lot of hard work into this to make this event a success.

Scholarship students: – We are delighted to announce that 18 of former students who were awarded scholarships for their higher studies after passing out of the school have started working in various walks of the fields. We currently have 25 students enrolled who have secures the scholarships for their higher studies. Huge thanks to our sponsors.

School Exams: – As the school year starts/finishes in March in Pakistan. The school Annual exams started in 1st week of the March.

School Results: – 31st March is the Final results day. The marks ratio was averaged at 80% . See our smiling position holder students here who were awarded medals/trophies on their accomplishments.

School Books: – The annual free books distribution was also completed successfully in March before the school year starts…i. e April 1st.

More Teachers: – Since we have extended the school to higher section and with new school year we would need teachers for high classes. Advertisement has been started across the area and interviews being conducted.

Fund raiser: – There is a fund raiser being conducted in Arizona (USA) on April 30th. Proceedings from this Eid Concert will go to the school.

Thank you

Amir (Chair APS)

Monthly Report Feb 2023

Khudii Project short film:- A short film was documented last year which is released this year, This was shot by the Khudii Project covering school during School Chairman visit last year(2022). Here is the short video.


Amir Visit to School 2023: – Chair APS visited the school in Feb/March this year. There was a very warm welcome by the School staff and students. The tour consisted 3 weeks with lot of fun-filled and productive activities.

Hall inauguration: – The new Basement and 3 rooms construction was completed and an official opening happened during Amir’s visit. The major funding to build this 3800 Sq feet facility came from Hannya Janjua and this block is named after.


School street renovation: – The condition of small alley leading to the school was in bad shape. This passage is being used for hundreds of children and parents on daily basis. We finally got this fixed and no more muddy way in rainy season. Here are the pictures of before and after & off course a great hangout spot for short meetings 😊

School Advertising: – Since we have the capacity and we are well in position to increase the utilization of the premises, We are taking more students in the school. New banners/flexes are being used to server the purpose while school admissions get open in March/April.

Thank you

Amir (Chair APS)