Monthly Report Feb 2024

February 2024 was one eventful month of the year. I visit the school every year and these annual visits are so important to actively engage the commitment to the organization’s mission and objectives. The physical presence communicates accessibility, approachability, and accountability, fostering a culture of transparency and trust among staff members, Students, and local community.

Here are some highlights and my Visit story from the school.

A warm Welcome: – As I stepped onto the grounds of the local school, I was greeted by a wave of excitement and anticipation that seemed to permeate every corner of the campus. As a guest invited to share insights and experiences with the students, I was humbled by the warm reception awaiting me. Here is the short clip of my 1st day in the school.

Paint job: – Getting whole school paint was on top priority for us since new construction needed a paint job so was the older building which was faded due to paint done years back. Here is the old VS new look.

Parents meeting:- Parents involvement, support, and collaboration is key for student success and holistic development for the organization. To strengthen this partnership, Myself and Parents we both look forward our face to face meetings and regularly come together to exchange information, share insights, and collaborate on strategies to support students’ academic, social, and emotional growth. Couple of clicks from our parents meeting here.

Smart Class rooms: – In the digital age, education is undergoing a profound transformation, with technology playing a central role in reshaping traditional learning environments. Among the innovations revolutionizing classrooms is the advent of smart classroom.

We signed MOU with an organization “Ker Muqabla” who are facilitating us with digital contents for our Text books. I believe this will bring a huge transformation to the traditional way of teachings. So far our staff and students loving it.

Here is a short clip of myself and “Ker Muqabla” Rep giving a demo to the teachers.

Annual Results:- As the academic year draws to a close, schools around the world eagerly await the announcement of their annual results—a culmination of students’ efforts, educators’ dedication, and the collective commitment to excellence. Beyond mere numbers and statistics, school annual results encapsulate a journey of growth, perseverance, and achievement for the entire school community. Here is a short video of us announcing results and awarding some top performer students.

Please stay tuned for the upcoming stories from our school annual function from March 2024

Thank you

Amir (Chair APS)

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