Monthly Report January 2019

#10YearChallenge: – We came a long way and This is how Social media Trend of 10 years challenge looks like in APS.

Funds: – Giving is not just about making a donation but making a difference. These donations are the life line for our cause which are helping us to grow and changing people lives. This was an excellent start of the year… BIG Thanks to our generous supporters who helped us to raise 2000$ in January 2019. For the sake of transparency, we will be publishing the break downs of the funds same way we have been doing last year.


Donor Funds $
Doc Nazia 500
Jamal Yousaf 715
Rizwant Butt 735
Willim Bar 50
Total 2000


Farewell Party: – Class 8 appears in board exams in February 2019. As an ongoing annual tradition. Class 7th gave a delicious treat to the passing out class 8th with some exchange of presents to fellow students and teachers. Thanks to our Volunteer Mr Nabeela Sandhu to join the students on this occasion.

Paint job: – We have enough funds to start the much-needed paint job in the school. We are just waiting for rainy weather to be over. Stay tune for the new shinny look.

Thank you

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