Monthly Report June 2018

Executive meeting: – APS Executive members met online to discuss the future road map of the school. The ways to generate more funds were considered too. The remaining funds will be sufficient to sustain for the school operations and some basic repairs/developments. However more funding is required going forward to achieve our long term goals.

Scholarships for the passed out students:- Students who already graduated from the school are being sponsored in another private school since APS is only up-to middle section yet. The individual donners have taken ownership to provide the scholarship for these students. They are being contacted for another round of sponsorship for the school Year 2018.

Intel Ireland Employees write to Students:- Employees prepared some hand written cards for the students in APS which will be delivered to the students after summer vacations.

Here is one of the card written.

Clean water plant: – The preparations are being done for the plant installation since school is closed in summer. Stay tune for photos.


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