Monthly Report Mar 2023

Parents meeting: – This Annual meeting happened on March 9th where hundreds of parents turned up to open Forum. Chair APS “Amir” shared the future road map with the parents. There was a great dialogue on importance of education and how cruel can be a child labor in kid’s life.  Some great ideas were shared by motivated parents too. Also had separate with 1:1 with some parents to address their concerns.

Staff Meetings: – The staff has regular weekly meetings with Chairman APS remotely, however it is always worthy to meet face to face. There were good few meetings on further school improvements, Teacher’s contribution to the school and 1:1s. Here is how our typical meeting looks like.

School Annual Program: – The fun filled event was attended by hundreds of parents and families to see their children performing on the stage. School staff, Management and out talented students put lot of hard work into this to make this event a success.

Scholarship students: – We are delighted to announce that 18 of former students who were awarded scholarships for their higher studies after passing out of the school have started working in various walks of the fields. We currently have 25 students enrolled who have secures the scholarships for their higher studies. Huge thanks to our sponsors.

School Exams: – As the school year starts/finishes in March in Pakistan. The school Annual exams started in 1st week of the March.

School Results: – 31st March is the Final results day. The marks ratio was averaged at 80% . See our smiling position holder students here who were awarded medals/trophies on their accomplishments.

School Books: – The annual free books distribution was also completed successfully in March before the school year starts…i. e April 1st.

More Teachers: – Since we have extended the school to higher section and with new school year we would need teachers for high classes. Advertisement has been started across the area and interviews being conducted.

Fund raiser: – There is a fund raiser being conducted in Arizona (USA) on April 30th. Proceedings from this Eid Concert will go to the school.

Thank you

Amir (Chair APS)

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