Monthly Report September 2018

Clean water Filter:-

Since polluted water isn’t just dirty, it’s deadly, so in spite of budget constraints, this task was prioritized this year. Steady increase of contamination level in the water was observed in the area.

We have started the clean water project in the school by now. This should be completed post Lab tests within the month of October.



September tests were taken and results were published for all classes. There has been a strong focus on testing system in school which includes Question Papers preparation and checking from outside vendor.

Overall marks ratio was 72% for the school.


Help needed for Sponsorship:-

We have been sponsoring our deserving students who pass out of APS so they can continue their education in another institute.

Our early sponsored student “Rishna Nasir” has cleared her FSC pre-Engineering. Now we are looking for a sponsor who can help her to achieve her dream to be a software Engineer. Rishna Scored 71% marks in FSC and want to pursue 4 years Software Engineering degree from Gift University Gujranwala. If you are interested to sponsor her. Please send a private note to and further details will be shared.

Here is her little story.


Thank you

Amir Davis- Chair APS


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