Monthly Report Dec 2017

Amir Visits school:- Chair APS visits the school in December 2017 and spends some quality with school staff and students. One to One meetings were held with school staff on performance reviews and areas for the further growth. Amir also had some interactive sessions with students and parents during his 5 weeks long trip.

Annual School Program: – The School annual program for year 2017 was conducted. This program comprised Students performing stage drama, debates, singing and excellence awards for some of the students.

The Chief guests came from long way to attend the ceremony that includes Umar Cheema (A local Hero from the village), who is well known investigative journalist currently residing in Islamabad. Rtd Colonel Karman from Lahore, Hannya Janjua from USA.


The student’s performances were adored a lot by the honorable guests, Parents and fellow students.


Colonel Kamran Chipped in 25000 i.e ~225 USD. The told donations received for the cause this year were 9407 USD.


Please stay tune for yearly review in January monthly progress report.

Thank you

Amir Davis- Chair APS

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