Monthly Report Jan 2018

Thank you for reading our 1st Newsletter of year 2018. Below is the quick recap of Year 2017 in APS.

100% Board Exams results: – 2017 was another year where school produced 100% passing ratio in board exams of Class 5 and Class 8.

Sponsorship: – Huge thanks to our individual sponsors who have taken all the education related financial burden from the middle passed students for higher studies. Our generous sponsors for individual students were Haroon Mirza, Rizwan Butt, Jahangir Iqbal and Shahid Bashir.

APS Awareness in Intel USA: – On May 24th, we presented Amir Public School Pakistan in Intel USA (Asia Week). We raised the awareness on APS and the type work we do. The session was organized with the support of Intel Pakistan network and Intel Arizona communication group.

Teacher training: – Long awaited Teacher training was conducted with the coordination of Punjab Education Foundation. This teacher training was 2 weeks long and teachers completed Level 1 and Level 2 capacity building trainings successfully, Teachers from other schools joined this stimulating training as well bringing total number of participates to 20. Trainings were hosted in APS.

Government Scholarships:- We are delighted to announce that 2 of the middle Passed Amir Public School’s students Picked up government Scholarship for their higher studies. Thanks to APS hardworking staff for producing excellent results in board exams.

NGO Registration: – We achieved a major milestone this month when our NGO “NAYA UJALLA” obtained legal status which enables us to interact at the official level, and among donors and other organizations. The EIN number assigned to us is 822306156. We also got TAX Exemption status.

Amir Visits School: – Chair APS visits APS in the month of December and spends some quality with school staff and students. 1:1 meetings were held with school staff on performance reviews and areas for the further growth. Amir also had some interactive sessions with students and parents during his 5 weeks long trip.

2017 Annual School Program: – This program comprised Students performing stage drama, debates, singing and excellence awards for some of the students. The Chief guests came from long way to attend the ceremony that includes Umar Cheema (A local Hero from the village), who is well known investigative journalist currently residing in Islamabad. Rtd Colonel Karman from Lahore, Hannya Janjua from USA.

Funds:- We generated 9407 USD in total this year.

Year 2018 Plans: – Our top short term goals are listed as Water Filter Plant, Library built up and High School extension. We will be working more aggressively for funds generation during 2018 to achieve our short term goals & will be targeting to double the amount of funds generated in 2017. Stay tune for upcoming news letter.

Thank you

Amir(Chair APS)

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