Monthly Report Dec 2023

As we turn the page to a new chapter in our Amir Public School, it is with great excitement and a deep sense of gratitude that I present to you our last newsletter for 2023. Reflecting on the past twelve months, we have journeyed through a tapestry of challenges, achievements, and transformative growth. This newsletter is not just a compilation of events and milestones; it’s a celebration of our collective resilience, innovation, and unwavering commitment to our goals and each other. Please read through the memorable moments of Year 2023.

Construction & Developments

To Build more capacity, There was lot of construction done in year 2023 since School strength reached more than 400 students this year. Here is quick summary.

  • Construction was completed for Hannya Block in the school which comprises of big hall along with 3 Classrooms.
  • We also built 2 more new classrooms and 4 bathrooms for growing number of students.. 
  • A Science Lab built along with furniture upgrades. Here are some Pics.

2023. A Year of Fun Unfolded: –

Students had an amazing year full of fun activities and stories to share.

  • A School Trip to Islamabad
  • Sport Day Gala
  • Students performances on Annual Program
  • Summer School Projects
  • Meeting Motorway Police representatives
  • Amir’s Visit to the school.

2023 Deliverables: –

Here are some deliverables we committed at the start of the Year and got these done!

  • School registration completed.
  • Students were provided new uniforms/schoolbooks and water bottles.
  • Annual results were marvelous and top performers were awarded with shields/trophies.
  • Super Hero costumes delivery to more than hundred young students of Play group till grade 2.

Scholarships: –

Thanks to our individual sponsors for supporting the transformative journey – a journey of empowering underprivileged children through education. Here are some photos of sponsored students.

  • 18 Students who were provided scholarship previously for higher studies have started their professional careers.
  • 25 students are currently enrolled in higher study program.

Funds: – Thanks to the organizations and donors, who helped us to achieve all these milestones. We managed to raise $31840 in Year 2023.

Thank you

Amir ( Chair APS)

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