Monthly Report Nov 2023

New Uniforms: – Free uniforms distribution is our one of annual deliverable in the school. These uniforms were distributed in the month of October. Here are some pictures of the students posing with their new uniforms on.

School Trip: – School field trips are valuable and important for several reasons, as they offer unique educational experiences that go beyond the traditional classroom setting. This School trip was planned since a long while, which finally happened in November. The destination was carefully chosen to complement our ongoing curriculum, offering a practical application of the theories and concepts students had been studying in class. Kids loved the beautiful city of Islamabad, where they visited Heritage Museum also known as Lok Virsa, Faisal Mosque and beautiful mountains hiking tracks. The kids were provided delicious food by school management too. Here are some highlights from their Journey Beyond the Classroom.

Empowering Futures: – Education is a transformative force that has the power to reshape lives and open doors to countless opportunities. One poignant example of this transformation lies in the journey of a sponsored student who, with the support of dedicated sponsors, not only completed their education but also secured a fulfilling and successful career. Rishna Nasir is one of our sponsored student who has been supported by APS since she was in Play Group. Her Higher studies and BCS was 100% sponsored too. She has recently secured a job in a multinational firm in IT and works from home. She was excited to share the pictures of her home office, new house, new furniture and new laptop. If you want to see her older story… Here it is.

Scholarship needs: – We have 18 such former students like Rishna who were sponsored by APS and have secured jobs by now and working in different fields of lives. 25 students are enrolled in current scholarship program and there is always need for sponsors so we can widen the scope to more students. To sponsor a specific student, Please send us a note at or you can simply sponsor high school students by clicking on Donate , Only $20 a month will sponsor 4 children within school.

Thank you

Amir (Chair APS)

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