Monthly Report Oct 2021

Higher studies Scholarships: – The continuity of the education should not and does not stop for the Students from the school who graduate from the middle school of APS.

For higher studies we have been working with students to continue their education (Huge thanks to our sponsors).  We managed to secure the scholarships for all candidates in 2021, however we have one more request came in for one deserving female student who wants to pursue her BS after her 1st grade FSC clearance. Please hit us for details if you are interested. Here is a short video of some of our students who left short messages expressing their gratitude to the generous sponsors.


Annual Results of former APS Students: – Our Former students who are being sponsored are doing great in FSC and matriculation results. Here is an excellent news to share from APS sponsored Female student who scored 100% in her matric exams. We will be mentoring and facilitating Noor for her future studies.

School Extension: – This is the time to start working on school extension to high School and build a library. Having high school within the premises will give us great advantage to accommodate more students within the school. We have a plan to build multimedia library too. The fund raising campaign will be starting soon. If you want to be part of this worthy future plan in any capacity. Please let me know. You can be a donner and fund raiser or event organizer. Here is the picture of recent adjoining land acquired for the school.

We will also be sharing some recent exciting funds collection details soon too.

Please stay tune for more updates.

Thank you

Amir (Chair APS)

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