Monthly Report Oct 2023

Uniforms distribution: – We believe that access to proper school uniforms is a fundamental right and an essential factor in creating a conducive learning environment. APS delivers Books and uniforms to all students annually. This Year Milestone of free uniforms distribution was met in September. School sourced total 500 Uniforms. See some excited students here.

Projector Usage: – The newly sourced School projector has enabled our educators to present interactive and multimedia content, making lessons more engaging and facilitating better understanding among students. This is a great support collaborative learning by allowing students to give presentations, share projects, and participate in group activities that involve multimedia elements. The projector is also being utilized for teacher training sessions, workshops, and other professional development activities, fostering continuous improvement among our educators.

Classroom Decorations: – Classroom decorations plays a crucial role in creating a conducive learning environment and has various important aspects. Decorative elements in the classroom, such as colorful displays, educational posters, and thematic decorations, can capture students’ attention and spark their interest in the learning process. School staff(Class in-charges) put a great effort to prepare the classroom posters and the students were delighted to see their colorful classrooms, These Creative and aesthetically pleasing decorations can inspire creativity and imagination among our students.

Stay Tuned.

Thank you

Amir (Chair APS)

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